18 Apr: TEDxHongKong - "Never Stop"
TEDxHongKongED2015    "Never Stop"   This year’s theme is...


27 Mar: Gender bender – changing roles, post event blog
Our Gender Bender  discussion panel saw a great topic being openly discussed, with a fantastic input from our audience members...

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From print & broadcast to digital, social and everything-in-between, Women Media Networks (WMN) is Asia's leading non-profit network for women in media.

Our core mission is to cultivate leadership and a sense of community within the broad borders of the media industry, through a range of events, blogs and other activities. In keeping with our mission we want to include our members and your ideas in the growth of WMN as a whole.

This version of the site launched on January 1st, 2014, thanks to a lot of input from our members.

To make things easier for you, we've removed the hassle of member log-ins and made things less complicated by removing old unutilised areas like job posts. You now have free and direct access to our events page and all of our blog sections. 

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From the starting to top levels of the media industry and related fields, you're the women we're here to support.