Is there really a war for talent or are we overlooking the talent right in front of our noses? Research indicates that leadership is skewed towards the masculine—and I would add western—perspective, as many leadership models emanate from the West and multinational corporations use competencies and leadership frameworks from their headquarters. But the power base has shifted east, so where does that leave leadership frameworks?

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Sheryl Sandberg has come out of the closet as someone who leaves work at, gasp, 5:30pm. Every day. While this ‘early leave’ seems shocking to most ambitious executives, here in Asia it’s even harder to pull off. Here’s a little inspiration to take the leap:

“I was showing everyone I worked for that I worked just as hard. I was getting up earlier to make sure they saw my emails at 5:30, staying up later to make sure they saw my emails late. But now I’m much more confident in where I am and so I’m able to say, ‘Hey! I am leaving work at 5:30.’ And I say it very publicly, both internally and externally.” 

The M Literary Residency Programme

China & India

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The M Literary Residency Programme funds three-month residencies in India and China for writers of fiction, nonfiction, poetry or dramatic prose.

The M Literary Residency  Programme was established to disseminate a broader knowledge of contemporary life and writing in India and China today and to foster deeper intellectual, cultural and artistic links across individuals and communities.

Applications are now being accepted for 2013 and close July 1, 2012.

Join us for this global conference of digital discussion on collaborating for change.


Held at Oolaa Restaurant this year, the 3rd Annual WMN CASBAA breakfast buzzed with energy from over 130 women media professionals in attendance. Brilliantly tackling the topic of entrepreneurship, WMN had invited a panel of six successful women entrepreneurs with businesses as diverse as barbeques to yoga! After I had the chance to mingle and sit down, I took a gulp of coffee knowing that with this set of speakers, it was guaranteed to be a morning of non-stop discussion.

As the panelists took their seats, each was introduced: Rhonda Gretton (Founder of Love That Lifestyle), Bonnie Woo Chan (CEO of Handheld Culture), Almen Wong (Founder of Pure Yoga), Tarlan Amigh (Co-founder of Hocusadabra) and Maseena Ziegler (Author of Ladies Who Launch In Hong Kong) . Without hesitation, each delved into her experiences and learnings about setting up and running a company, particularly in the fast-changing city of Hong Kong.

Throughout the morning, comments and questions flew across the room covering typical entrepreneurial concerns like funding and hiring the right people. While the speakers also touched on more personal issues such as how to balance a career and motherhood, or how they had tackled difficulties along the way.
But one of the key themes that really stuck with me was that these women had all taken challenges in stride and were never bogged-down with following a perfectly outlined master-plan. Each was successful because they are able to work around and react to supposed obstacles. It’s undeniable problems are bound to appear when you have a start-up. And I realize that businesses can’t rely on a perfect original plan because there never will be one! Rather, success is achieved through continual reaction to problems and continuous tweaking of plans to evolve with the market and consumers.

As I finished my last sip of coffee and the session came to a close, I was glad to be a part of this vibrant network of women. The 3rd Annual WMN CASBAA breakfast was truly an unbeatable combination of dynamic ideas, inspiring moments, and enterprising women – like any great business’ recipe for success.

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