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I read this post last week and it was so interesting – and relevant – that I had to share it with you.

For one of my clients, I manage a PR account. The client is entirely ROI focused, which makes it really difficult to work with social media. There’s no easy way for us to claim online (alone) as a strong portal for them to get coverage because they only see the ad value in print and they measure their social platform purely in terms of Likes. While that is a way of working, it’s not at all accurate.

The other thing that this article helps with, is figuring out how to market to those different kinds of people who Like your page.

Thanks to iMedia connection for curating interesting topics.


As I started researching this article, I found quite a number of articles about the different types of Facebook friends and fans. They use a lot of cute names for the types of friends and fans (my favorite being “the poker player” — thank goodness Facebook’s poke functionality is pretty much ignored now), but very few articles address the brand impact that different types of fans can have.


When you talk to many marketers, they predominantly talk about their brands’ Facebook fans as “brand advocates.” This implies that every Facebook fan a brand has is out there telling everyone how great the brand is and bringing other followers into the brand’s sphere. Last year, I talked about the myth of brand advocates, so we won’t rehash that in great detail here. Instead, we’ll focus on the various types of fans that comprise most brands’ Facebook audiences and the different ways in which brands should treat these groups.


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This is an interesting re-post from ClickZ about the main social media platforms, their number of users and how they vy for attention from brands. After all, their power is really only in their number of users – who are free to leave any time they want.

Google+ seems to be growing, though it still isn’t considered as important as Facebook for brands.

Facebook recently announced it has hit a billion active users, while niche social networks Instagram and Pinterest as well as China’s Weibo are vying for attention from brand marketers. How is Google+ making its social network relevant for brands in the region?


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This post from Clickz.Asia focuses on Smart TV – is it the future of TV?


Smart TV is the next seismic shift in marketing that will bring interactivity into the home at a faster rate than any other technology uptake – and it’ll take a new way of thinking for brands to drive ROI.

In case you haven’t seen a smart TV, they look just like any Plasma/LCD/LED TV, but they’ve got a whole lot of intelligence. This allows users to browse the Internet, interact with content and friends – basically, it turns your TV into a low-fi computer. They offer apps, like mobile phones do. For example, Samsung’s App Platform is SmartHub and already provides loads of popular installed apps like Twitter, Hulu, Pandora, AccuWeather, and ESPN.

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